About Me

Dean Maloney is a successful artist having developed his own version of his father, Ken Maloney's technique.

Dean is a qualified pilot and loves all things aviation but his love for art preceded this and now he follows this passion for art creation.

Adventure is part of his lifestyle and as a young energetic artist, one will experience this in the new designs he is currently working on. His initial studio in Hermanus was a great launchpad for his pieces, but now his unique and innovative art, along with his father, Ken Maloney, can be viewed and enjoyed at the new gallery at the Garden Route Mall, George, South Africa, Father & Son Maloney’s - Artist Gallery.

These must-have masterpieces have become collector and investment artworks for both local and international art enthusiasts. Each art piece is part of a limited edition. These original individually handcrafted and hand painted artworks are unique in their ability to capture the architectural beauty and Investment opportunity as the value increases as the availability of each piece diminishes. A certificate of Authenticity and Valuation accompanies each art piece which can be updated annually.

Dean’s eye for detail and intuitive design sense is propelling his art into a unique direction which will not only draw the viewer to ancient architectural representations but also to new innovative designs and locations - His Lighthouse exemplifies this innovation. 

This work is immaculately presented with finesse. By using strategically placed lighting techniques in the 3-dimensional sculptured spaces, the artist captures light most perfectly, enabling the viewer to feel the living quality of these realistic ancient and contemporary places, which are located around the globe. These artworks are best viewed with the naked eye to fully appreciate the experience of standing in an environment from an ancient or modern era.  These 3-dimensional artworks may invoke a variety of experiences of nostalgia, mystery and adventure.